In “Untethered”, the viewer is asked to consider the state of untetherness. The Untethered hypothesis stems from a belief that for an individual to move through their world successfully and fully, they must have, at all times, a sense of tetherness. This tether comes in the form of an unconditional love that is, most often, provided by a parent. For some, they must learn to move through the world without this tether. For others, this moment occurs later in life and often coincides the loss of a parent. Regardless, the state of untetherness is one that touches so many of our lives and can, will and does change the course of one’s life.  These five pieces represent a snapshot of the untethered collection that explores how being untethered impacts your sense of self and your relation to others. It, whenever it happens to you, impacts the way you move through this world until hopefully again, you can find your tether.